[Cytometry] CS&T failing on ARIA1

Hugo Tharinger hugo.tharinger at u-psud.fr
Thu Nov 3 11:38:48 EDT 2011

Dear Flownauts,


I am pleased to join the community of flowers! especially because I am
experiencing problems with CS&T on Aria 1.

The DPMTV of the CS&T  FSC parameter keeps failing. It jumped from 25 to
>100 over the week end. My first thought was that the flowcell was dirty so
I cleaned it with clean/contrad/rinse/water and the outside of it with a
Qtip, but no results.

Today things got worst the DPMTV have increase in each channel, but stayed
under 50, the surprising thing is I’ve noticed that running my CS&T in a
dark room lowered all my  DPMTV (but FSC was still around 100). Now I don’t
know if I am dealing with two different problems or if they are linked.

Such dramatic changes in the DPMTV makes me feel like I am missing something
and I wonder if anybody has some advice I could use before BD comes in weeks
for maintenance.

(I forgot to mention that my laser delay and the pressure of the instrument
or stable)


With regards,


Hugo Tharinger

Plate-forme d'Immunomonitorage 

INSERM Unité-996


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