[Cytometry] Concanavalin A and apoptosis

Stickney, Alison A.Stickney at massey.ac.nz
Mon May 30 21:39:39 EDT 2011

I am trying to demonstrate FIV induced apoptosis in feline lymphocyte cultures using annexin-V and 7-AAD. According to the literature and taking into account the mechanism involved, the cells need to be activated for FIV to cause apoptosis. However, I am having difficulty maintaining cells in culture with ConA, as they undergo a high level of apoptosis and cell death in the absence of FIV. I have tried a few different media combinations, but this does not seem to make any difference. Does anyone have any experience in looking at apoptosis in conA stimulated lymphocytes? Should I expect that some cells will undergo apoptosis just as a result of activation, or am I doing something wrong?

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