[Cytometry] Flow cytometry position in Doha, Weill Cornell Medical College.

Raphael Lis lis.raphael at gmail.com
Thu May 26 13:42:21 EDT 2011

Dear Flowers,

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar is looking for a Flow Core manager. Please find the job description below.

If you'd like to apply to this position please contact Dr Arash Rafii Tabrizi : jat2021 at qatar-med.cornell.edu

Kindest regards,


Working under the supervision of the microscopy core directors the incumbent will be responsible for managing the microscopy/flow cytometry core. The incumbent will provide training for users on different microscopy equipment, and will ensure proper maintenance, documentation, and oversight of the equipment. Incumbent will operate the flow cytometry equipment, log usage, and provide related service and training to users. 


1. Responsible for the flow cytometry platform which will include a BD FACS ARIAII cell sorter and a flow analyser BD FORTESA.  Run the flow cytometers as a service for users. Train the users for performing analysis using the BD Fortesa and perform data analysis using the appropriate software.  Maintain the cell sorter fluidic system and be responsible for setting up the sorter. Perform cell sorting and flow analysis as required by users.

2. Maintains all microscopy equipment within the core and provides training to beginning users. Manages usage of the different platforms and ensures appropriate usage for the different techniques.  

3. Performs a variety of moderately complex cell/tissue assays, culture preparation and/or analyses; also prepares moderately complex stains solutions, media, buffers, solutions and reagents for non-standard prescribed tests.

4. Operates, calibrates and performs routine maintenance on standard and specialized laboratory equipment.

5. Manipulates, computes, and analyzes data using complex statistical computer software.  Prepares and maintains detailed records, logs and summary reports of all procedures and results including graphs, scientific calculations and statistical analysis charting.

6. Responsible for Quality Control and Assurance of samples, reagents, and data. Ensures laboratory compliance to all guidelines and standards of WCMC-NY and WCMC-Q.

7. Cleans and maintains laboratory hygiene, disposes of laboratory waste. 

8. Orders laboratory supplies via SAP, maintains laboratory equipment and related records, expenditures, including inventory control and material receipt.

9. Develops and documents methods to improve processes in the laboratory.  Assists in the review and development of new laboratory standard operating procedures. 

10. Cross trains on equipment, coordinates vacations, etc. with other team members to ensure smooth lab flow.  Performs other job related duties as required.


1. Bachelor degree (B.S.) in biology or related field is required.  
2. Three or more years prior experience working in a research or similar laboratory 
3. Basic computer experience required for data entry and    troubleshooting. 
4. Previously exhibited individual initiative
5. Previously demonstrated advanced proficiency in written and spoken English 
6. Previously demonstrated ability to communicate in both scientific written reports and professional presentations.


1. MS in biology or related field
2. Knowledge of cellular imaging and previous experience in handling microscopy equipment is a plus.
3. Experience using a BD FACS ARIAII cell sorter and a flow analyser BD FORTESA.

Raphael Lis

Stem Cell and Microenvironment Laboratory
Weill Cornell Medical College - Qatar

Graduate Student
University Paris -Sud XI
Centre de Recherches des Cordeliers - UPMC
75006 Paris

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