[Cytometry] Cell cycle of activated human PBMC

Marjan Gharagozloo gharagozlo at sums.ac.ir
Sun May 22 04:52:35 EDT 2011

Dear All,
I'm working with human PBMC, activated by 2µg/ml CD3/CD28 mAb. I've
performed cell cycle analysis after 24h activation on these cells and I've
got strange histograms! didn't see S phase! I have no idea about the
populations in FSC/SSC dot plot; I can see 3 populations, where I should
gate cells? What is the problem with this test?
Please see attached file. Any suggestion and comment would be greatly

Looking forward your kind reply

Best regards:
Marjan Gharagozloo (Ph.D)
Assistant professor
Department of Immunology
School of Medicine
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Isfahan, Iran

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