[Cytometry] allophycocyanin (APC) gets very dim

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Thanks a lot for the input. The core manager ran 197 beads, and the APC
looks very bright. So, I guess there must be something to do with my

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> Hello Zhifei,
> I would check your delay and/or alignment of the red laser.
> Good luck,
> Floris
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> Dear Flowers,
> I recently ran into a dim APC problem. Our lab have been using LSR II,
> and could get very bright signal in APC compensation control using BD
> CompBeads (I mixed neg and pos beads in one tube when labeling
> APC-conjugated Rat anti-mouse IgG 2b), and good separation of my cell
> population of interest until last week. All of a sudden, for some
> reason, I could not get good separation of APC neg and pos signal any
> more in both compensation control and cell labeling. I checked the LSR
> II voltage, identical; my labeling protocol, solution, are all the same;
> I also ordered the new antibody, still I can never get bright APC signal
> any more.
> Does anyone has similar experience and please could you share your
> thoughts as to what could be the possible reason?
> Zhifei
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