[Cytometry] LSRII sample pressure issue

Alphen, Floris van f.vanalphen at sanquin.nl
Fri May 20 02:36:52 EDT 2011

Hi Lin,

The phenomenon that sheath is leaking back in your sample sounds
familiar, although in our case it happened directly, not after 30min.
We've had this issue a couple of times, when users placed tubes with to
much liquid. When pressure is put on the tube, this causes liquid to
creep up in the tubing for the sample pressure and wet the filter
inside. The strange thing here is that you would have the leaking back
immediately if it were wet filters, not after 30min.  If you place a
tube with FACSflow with the table not under the tube, does the level
Maybe the tubing to the waste is somewhat clogged, so after 30min of
analysis the resistance to pump waste becomes to high? This would be my
best guess, hope it helps.

Good luck,

Floris van Alphen
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Central facility for cell analysis
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Hey flower,

We have low sample pressure problem (running fine for 30 min and then
drop to 0-20 event/sec)and we observe fluids filled in to the sample
tube. This is still happening even after PM and having DCM tubing
changed and as much as other valves and filters changed.

We do not have contract service so it is expensive to replace the whole
pneumatic and fluidics system. Can I ask you guys if you have similar
problem but get fixed with replacement with any particular part? Our
LSRII is 6 year old.



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