[Cytometry] accreditation anyone?

Nebe-Von-Caron, G g.nebe-von-caron at alere.com
Sat May 14 11:28:20 EDT 2011

Now surely having ruffled some feathers with my cheeky comments on the
certification here a short info about it for those like me who can't go
to the conferences to get updated about it. 

Info is on http://www.cytometrycertification.org/

Who list employment benefits as a main driver 
oops wrong link

You have can see that the list of things you would want a person to know
who is looking after a flow cytometer. I would definitively have to look
up some stuff myself for that as for example I never did statistics
under the influence of Smirnoff but that could probably be excused.
Otherwise if they provide a couple of sample question as well so people
get the idea to what level the society wants to go about it might appear
less frightning. Let's just try to keep it free of
pseudo-professionalism. Now as a society we are unlikely to stem the
tide of the certification trend but we are expected to pretend to be in
charge / have the authority. One way to do so is to issue a certificate
that you stick behind your name and better to do that from within the
society before someone else feels they need to impose it upon us to show
that they have more authority. So let's help the chaps lumbered with the
task to make it as painless as possible but still look professional and
smile about all those poor certificate believers following the motto

In God we trust, anyone else needs a certificate.

Anyhow, as the society already holds our membership data it should
easily be able to add some information on the certification and the CPD
to it without making this a job creation scheme and to double our fees.
We still have to decide what acronym we want to appear behind our name
on the business card. It could be CDC or FSC SSC for

Certified Dedicated Cytometrist, 
Funloving Sniggering Cytometrist 
Smart Serious Cytometrist

As FL1 FL2... is not so inspirational

I am biased as I would choose GNVC. Whilst some might think it stands
for German Nutty Vitriolc Cytometrist  I would think it is more

Generous Nocturnal Vivacious Cytometrist
as I have encountered a lot of those caring fellows being very generous
with their help and turning nocturnal as the days seem to be too short
for all the lively science - or to party with other cytometrists!

Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron  | Research Scientist and Biomedical Engineer |  

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