[Cytometry] Qdot issue

Farooq, Fouzia CONT NMRC Fouzia.Farooq at med.navy.mil
Thu May 12 11:29:02 EDT 2011

I have run into an dilemma with a Qdot in my flow panel.  I am using a 10
color panel that has huCD45RA-Q605.  I have been running experiments using
this panel for about 4 months now and I hadn't had any problems until about
2-3 weeks ago where I opened up a new vial of the Ab and when I acquired
there was no staining.  I am only adding this ab in my surface cocktail.  

I did purchase the ab back in December (bought 7 vials) because I wanted to
keep the lot num consistent throughout the study.  It worked great for a
while and then it stopped all of a sudden.  I've done multiple experiments
testing varying conditions and still no staining.  I am not seeing any
clumps in the vial and I'm storing ab at the recommended conditions.

I was wondering if anyone else has observed maybe similar issues? Lot I'm
using is #834666.  

Thank you in advance,

Fouzia Farooq
Flow Cytometry Center, 3W48
Division of Malaria Vaccine Development
503 Robert Grant Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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