[Cytometry] accreditation anyone?

Nebe-Von-Caron, G g.nebe-von-caron at alere.com
Wed May 11 16:07:06 EDT 2011

I will keep the answers anonymous if sent to me directly. Extra marks
will be given for the most humorous answer that still makes sense!


shows an example on how to titrate antibodies for use in flow cytometry.

They used whole blood.
What information should be given to adequately describe the sample and
what can influence the results apart from pathological conditions

The incubation protocol claims to be done to the manufacturer's
instructions. However as those might not be available (good luck with
their website trying to find the product insert information).
What critical parameters would need to be listed to describe the
incubation conditions and how do those conditions influence the staining

For the CD14 antibody the titration show significantly different
response for "normal and High density CD14-monocytes" 
Give and explanation why this could be the case and how you would test
the hypothesis 

Sorry, just read the paper trying to explain to someone else how and why
you should titrate your antibody and how to "dim" your signal if
required. Following the recent questions about accreditation I was
thinking haw valuable those certificates can be considering that I can
buy a doctorate for my dog on the internet and can visit an accredited
homeopath - so I could not resist the challenge. It would be easier to
accredit training courses on content than to pretend to be able to
certify peoples ability to think clearly. Sure nobody would even dream
of giving me such a piece of paper but...

I failed to get a salary raise when declaring that due to the metalwork
as a result of my head injury I was the most valuable employee because
of the raise in scrap metal value but I was told to shut up before
someone would take me of the road for that. I then claimed to be even
more valuable as following a lot of tests I had a certificate for my
brain function and as a result had to move out of the office to hot-desk
:( and change company,  so be careful what you wish for by asking for a

Anyhow have fun with the puzzle


Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron
Research Scientist and Biomedical Engineer 

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