[Cytometry] Bone marrow derived dendritic cells (BMDC) culture and non-adherent cells

Clintrial clintrial at gmail.com
Tue May 10 19:32:17 EDT 2011

Dear Flowers,

I have seen several bone marrow derived DC protocols using GMCSF, in which
the non-adherent cells are discarded on day 3 or day 4. My concern is that
we will lose a lot of CD11c+ cells in non-adherent cell fraction, and
possibly some rare DC subsets at the early stage of the culture. I then did
a test: If I removed the non-adherent cells on day 3 and re-plate them into
a new culture plate, some of them became adherent too. So the question is
that if the adherence is a good/valid indicator for non-DCs at early stage
of the culture. Could anyone share your expertise on this, or the best way
to achieve high purity and yield of BMDC?

Thank you,


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