[Cytometry] .fcs standardization/flow accreditation

FloCyte Associates flocyte at flocyte.org
Tue May 10 11:00:12 EDT 2011

The Clinical world has had certification/ Qualification in Cytometry 
for Med Techs for over 20 years..... you should be seeking 
certification / qualification with ASCP if you are in the clinical 
realm.  Go to ASCP.org for more info
Sue DeMaggio

At 07:29 AM 5/10/2011, Marsiglia, Brian wrote:
>All of this spirited conversation ( about .fcs standardization AND flow
>accredidation) has me really intrigued.  I'm just a simple med tech,
>running my *clinical* flow samples every day.  I realize all this drama
>eventually makes its way to the clinical setting.  I really love this
>group, but can someone either "Homer Simpson" this for me, or point me
>to an article that I can digest and regurgitate to my pathologists and
>other flow zombies who might be interested? I'll anxiously await your
>responses, via my Ipad ;)
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