[Cytometry] Southeast Flow Cytometry Interest Group Meeting June 23 and 24 Registration Open

Julie GOLDEN Nelson jnelson at uga.edu
Tue May 10 08:38:12 EDT 2011

A reminder that registration is still open for the Second Annual Southeast Flow Cytometry Interest Group (SEFCIG) meeting on Friday, June 24 in Athens, Georgia (http://www.georgiacenter.uga.edu). We have another really great program scheduled this year. In addition to the full-day meeting, the preceding day will have a core manager’s workshop, a welcome reception with open bar and a special talk by Sony. We have purposefully selected the date of the meeting as it coincides with the awesome annual music and arts festival in Athens, which is called AthFest (www.athfest.com). A limited number of discounted conference center hotel rooms have been reserved in consideration of the meeting - hotel rooms are normally quite difficult to obtain during AthFest.
To register or to view a full schedule of the program, go to

Below, please find an abbreviated schedule for both the Core Manager's Workshop and the full day meeting.  There will be informative sponsor talks in the middle of the full day meeting as well.  If you are in the Southeast and shopping around for a new instrument, software or reagents (and can't make it to Baltimore)- this is your chance to see them all in one place.  We would like to thank ISAC and our many sponsors for their support of this meeting.

Hope to see all of you there!

Core Manager's Workshop, June 23 -
Robert Murphy - International Cytometry Certification: Update and Q&A

Greg Farber - Core Facilities - Accomplishments and Plans

Peter Lopez - Building & maintaining and vibrant core - the future of cytometry core management

Steven McClellan, Tad Fallows and Heather Evans - Establishing a new core lab from the ground up: A survival guide

Linda Stempora - A flow core's experience in using CytoGenie and CERF

SEFCIG Meeting, June 24:
Jenny Davis - Effects of elevated temperature on cellular oxidative stress and physiology in marine phytoplankton

Todd Brusko - Human regulatory T cells in the pathogenesis and treatment of type 1 diabetes

Padraic Levings - Identification of novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of osteosarcoma

Loren D. Erickson - Regulation of plasma cell differentiation and survival in autoimmunity

Brian Grimberg - Stage specific sensitivity of malaria as determined by flow cytometry to screen for new antimalarial drugs

Katharine Muirhead - Cell tracking 2011: A proliferation of probes and applications

Carmen Raventos-Suarez - Cell cycle profiles, proliferation arrest and apoptosis

Howard Shapiro - Simplifying cell-based diagnositcs: What would Ehrlich Do?

Julie Nelson
Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Disease
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