[Cytometry] Teaching Flow Cytometry

David Novo david.novo at denovosoftware.com
Sun May 8 13:31:38 EDT 2011


I would also point out the complete contents of Michael Ormerod's recent book, "Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction", is available at http://flowbook.denovosoftware.com/.  It is a high level overview of the technology, data analysis and many of the common assays performed using flow. It is a great start for any beginner. Should you be so riveted by it, you can purchase hard copies for friends and family on the site as well :-)

There is even a wiki version where you can add content at http://flowbook-wiki.denovosoftware.com/. So you can never complain that no one ever explains something appropriately for beginners. Just write it yourself and post it to the site in the appropriate chapter. 

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