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Hi Till,

I want to offer you some help with your 
training.  I know you've heard from some of our 
instructors already.   Our FloCyte Regional 
Training program has been teaching flow 
cytometry, at host institutions like yours, for 8 
years now, reaching over 4000 researchers and 
clinicians at the bench, just like you.  We 
concentrate on how to get the most out of flow 
cytometry, no matter what instrument you 
use;  not just what buttons to push on the 
instrument but what happens when you push that 
button.  We teach you how to get the MOST out of 
the technology and your instrument!

We give your users a great foundational 
understanding the technology itself, in a variety 
of assays and techniques, appropriate controls, 
compensation and analysis.  We do have the 
support of many instrument companies, who bring a 
small instrument in or we can use your instrument 
as the demonstration instrument for the course as 
well, so any questions on it will be answered as well!

After your colleagues have this firm foundation, 
your local training on your instrument will be 
easier, because you will only have to teach them 
how your software / instrument works, where the 
supplies are, and how to sign up!  They will 
bring better designed experiments, with proper 
controls, and better data out of your facility will be the final  result!

We are unique in several ways;  we come to you, 
to your institution, and there is no cost to 
invite us, if you open your course to the flow 
community.  We give each host one place in the 
course at no cost, and our expenses are covered 
solely from the tuition that the other students 
pay.  We keep our tuition equal or less per day 
than the tuition for any other courses,  and 
there are no travel costs for your folks!   For 
the cost of sending one individual away to a 
course, you can teach 4-5 in your own 
institution!  (even if you could find a similar 
course to go to.)   All expenses for printing our 
manuals, for our instructors expenses, etc., are covered by the tuition.

We will be in Europe doing trainings in October 
in Portugal and Milan.  And we'd love to come to 
Darmstadt on that trip and bring a training to 
your group and to your flow colleagues in 
German.  Please contact me if you are interested 
in perhaps arranging a training or visiting one 
of our other European trainings this fall.


Susan DeMaggio, MS BSMT(ASCP) QCym
President and CEO

FloCyte Associates
Flow Cytometry Regional Training Program
9 Schubert Court
Irvine, CA  92617

FAX 725-3752

FloCyte at FloCyte.org

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At 08:58 AM 5/5/2011, Dettmering, Till wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm a PhD student for a year now and I'm working 
>with flow cytometry for 2.5 years. Since there 
>is no real dedicated FACS-'guru' in our group 
>who I could have learned from, I had to teach 
>practically everything about flow cytometry to 
>myself, including maintenance of the device (a 
>Partec PAS III). I find myself more often in the 
>situation in which I have to teach new students 
>who have never seen a flow cytometer how to work 
>with it and how to interpret the data. Although 
>it works out quite well, I'm very interested on 
>your experiences on how to best teach new people 
>flow cytometry. What do you start with? Do you 
>have something like curriculum you follow when 
>teaching it? What did you start with when you 
>learned it? What should one pay special attention to when teaching?
>I'm very interested in hearing your experiences!
>Thanks a lot,
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