[Cytometry] Pleural effusion sample prep for sorting

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Dear Kathy-
We have done many PEs, including a mesothelioma, and published extensively in this matter.  Here are some protocols for your review.  Basically, each PE has to be heparinized, washed (save the cell-free fluid for chemokine analysis) and collagenase/DNAse/Dispase digested (tumors are in microclumps), followed by a 2mM EDTA-0.5% Human Serum Albumin PBS buffer suspension. We use 100uM nozzle, keep the sort at 4C.  If you are doing Hoechst transport, do not chealate calcium.
Let me know if you need more info.  Good luck.
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Hello All,

We've had a request to sort pleural effusions from mesothelioma patients and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these samples and suggestions for sample prep? I've been told the effusions can be very rich in protein and coagulating agents and can be very sticky.

Many thanks

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