[Cytometry] Last Chance for flow cytometry course!

James Freyer jfreyerp at unm.edu
Fri May 6 12:27:57 EDT 2011


*Sponsors:*Center for Biomedical Engineering, University of New Mexico

National Flow Cytometry Resource, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Verity Software House

*Location:*Centennial Engineering Building, University of New Mexico, 
Albuquerque, NM

*Dates:*June 11-17, 2011


A research methods course in flow cytometry will be offered with 
emphasis on applications in cell biology, immunology, cell labeling, 
fluorescent protein analysis, bead-based assays, screening and sorting. 
The faculty consists of over 20 distinguished members of the flow 
cytometry community.  This course will be aimed toward individuals with 
some experience in flow cytometry, and will consist of an extensive set 
of lectures and a series of hands-on laboratory sessions. Each 
participant will receive extensive lecture notes and laboratory handout 
materials.Laboratory sessions will address sample preparation, 
instrument construction and operation, data collection and analysis, 
common and more cutting edge flow assays, and typical problems 
encountered in flow cytometry.Lab sessions will be hands-on, with plenty 
of time and opportunity for interaction with the instructors.Lab 
sessions will utilize a variety of commercial and developmental 
instruments, and representatives from several commercial vendors will be 
available to demonstrate and discuss their most recent instruments and 
techniques.Each participant will be given the choice of attending six 
laboratory sessions, chosen from 15 different offerings.There will be 
evening sessions on biosafety, flow cytometry core operation and 
next-generation instruments, as well as a state-of-the-art Keynote 
lecture.One afternoon and evening will be free for participants to enjoy 
the many regional attractions of northern New Mexico, and the last 
evening includes a banquet with live entertainment at the world-famous 
El Pinto Restaurant (www.elpinto.com).Registration fees include all 
course materials, breakfast & lunch each day, coffee breaks with snacks, 
refreshments at two evening sessions and the banquet.Housing will be 
available in on-campus dormitories.Registration will be limited to 80 
participants and will be available online beginning in January, 2011.

*Fees:*$1800.00 US**


*Information:*Isela Roeder (iroeder at unm.edu <mailto:iroeder at unm.edu>, 

*Register: *http://cbme.unm.edu/events/upcoming_courses.php**

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