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Thu May 5 10:27:16 EDT 2011

Having got a bit more detail that Jasneet actually wants to label a
second cell population already having labelled one with CFSE I wonder if
anyone has tried Carboxynaphthofluorescein succinimidylesther for that.
Albeit it will only work on dead cells in elevated pH it might still be
useful if the endpoint could be measured following terminal fixation.

Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron
Research Scientist and Biomedical Engineer 

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hi all,

i have a Phycoerythrin dye in my lab (not conjugated to anything)
from Molecular Probes. i have to use a dye to just stain a cell
with it. does this dye enter/bind to all cell types without any
also, if possible, can anyone send me the protocol for its use? i am
completely clueless about the concentration/duration of the treatment.
thanks in advance.

Jasneet Kaur
c/o Dr. Satyajit Rath
Research Scholar
Immunobiology Lab-2
National Institute of Immunology,
New Delhi
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