[Cytometry] Networking and Data Storage

Tomas Kalina tomas.kalina at lfmotol.cuni.cz
Sun May 1 16:36:43 EDT 2011

Hi Debbie,

since we used to have viruses/worms in the campus network I have made a 
restricted inner network comprising only the PC at flow cytometers plus 
Macs with FlowJo that we use for analysis.
One analysis computer has two LAN cards and has dedicated folder (read 
only from outside) that can be seen from the common campus network and 
people can copy their FCS file only from there.
We use ChronoSync on Macs to copy the data automatically where needed.

Thus I don't allow any internet/mail and I forbid sticking any USB 
drives/flash drives to the PC at the cytometer.
People have to use the Mac to copy their data to USB if needed.

This is of course a homemade solution, not sure if formally the best, 
but we have had worm just once (from USB flash).

Greetings to Seattle (specifically to Eastlake and the Hutch)!


On 4/29/11 8:36 PM, Debbie Bratt wrote:
> Hello All,
> I would like to know everyone's opinion about hooking up your flow cytometer (specifically LSR II) to the internet if you are a multiuser facility.  Have many of you run into serious issues with the internet (viruses? Machine crashing?)
> I was also wondering how multi-user facilities export their data? (Jump drive? Server?)
> Looking forward to your answers.
> Thanks
> Debbie
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