[Cytometry] Networking and Data Storage

Anis Larbi Anis_Larbi at immunol.a-star.edu.sg
Sun May 1 21:40:45 EDT 2011

Hi Debbie,

We have several equipments and more than 50 users.
All computer are connected to network and Internet. You need an IT person that checks it for you regularly, always the same person that knows the system.
No machine crashing issues.

Data export is made via server, all machine connected to the same network. AVOID USB DRIVE! This is the bet way to contaminate your computer.

Back ups are stored in external hard drive that are dedicated to the Flow computer.

Anis L.

Flow Facility, SIgN, A-STAR, Singapore

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Hello All,

I would like to know everyone's opinion about hooking up your flow cytometer (specifically LSR II) to the internet if you are a multiuser facility.  Have many of you run into serious issues with the internet (viruses? Machine crashing?)

I was also wondering how multi-user facilities export their data? (Jump drive? Server?)

Looking forward to your answers.



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