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Hello Debbie,

We are actually not allowed to connect our cytometer data acquistion machines to our house intranet ... Without going into too much detail, we have come up with the solution where we have created a dedicated physically separated network that connects all our machines. It communicates (in a controlled fashion) to the intranet, through a dedicated PC, equipped with two internet cards. One is connected to the dedicated cytometry network, the other to the intranet. This PC runs a routine every evening that transfers all the data generated that day to a intranet network server that all our users can access. The PC is in a closed room, can only be accessed by very few people (me included). We have written a routine that manages data transfer, and allows us to retrieve files/folders that might not have been transferred, or run unscheduled transfers  ...

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On 29 Apr, 2011, at 20:36, Debbie Bratt wrote:

> Hello All,
> I would like to know everyone's opinion about hooking up your flow cytometer (specifically LSR II) to the internet if you are a multiuser facility.  Have many of you run into serious issues with the internet (viruses? Machine crashing?)
> I was also wondering how multi-user facilities export their data? (Jump drive? Server?)
> Looking forward to your answers.
> Thanks
> Debbie
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