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Hi Debbie,

Our Computers are connected to the intra- and internet. Via Intranet, we provide access to our instrument booking system, web pages, email and server access for data transfer.
The internet we use for e.g. to use spectrum viewers and other tools available for teaching or demonstration. The instruments (Calibur, Canto and LSRs) are used by 50 - 100 users (depending on machine). We generated special accounts, that the users have only restricted access to the computer. These account runs a general virus scanner provided from our IT-Core for the whole center, so this was not an issue so far.
The only problem is from time to time a full database, but with a bit of discipline, you can also cope with that.

A lot of greetings


Am 29.04.2011 20:36 Uhr schrieb "Debbie Bratt" unter <dabratt at wanprc.org>:

Hello All,

I would like to know everyone's opinion about hooking up your flow cytometer (specifically LSR II) to the internet if you are a multiuser facility.  Have many of you run into serious issues with the internet (viruses? Machine crashing?)

I was also wondering how multi-user facilities export their data? (Jump drive? Server?)

Looking forward to your answers.



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