[Cytometry] PE query

Jasneet Kaur Phd2010 jasneetkaur at nii.ac.in
Mon May 2 00:48:01 EDT 2011

hi all,

i have a Phycoerythrin dye in my lab (not conjugated to anything) obtained
from Molecular Probes. i have to use a dye to just stain a cell population
with it. does this dye enter/bind to all cell types without any preference?
also, if possible, can anyone send me the protocol for its use? i am
completely clueless about the concentration/duration of the treatment.
thanks in advance.

Jasneet Kaur
c/o Dr. Satyajit Rath
Research Scholar
Immunobiology Lab-2
National Institute of Immunology,
New Delhi

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