[Cytometry] Networking and Data Storage

Masa Sasagawa msasagawa at bastyr.edu
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Hi Debbie,
Our flow computer is networked to the departmental intranet. Outlook
email is accessible but the internet is not accessible. We had suspected
virus problems in two other Internet-accessible computers attached to
lab equipment, but we suspected it came from student's jumpdrive, not
through the internet. On the flow computer, Jump drives are not allowed
to use. Flow files are stored on the specific project folder in the
research network (each project have its own username). We have four
software licenses so techs can analyze data from their office after data
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Hello All,

I would like to know everyone's opinion about hooking up your flow
cytometer (specifically LSR II) to the internet if you are a multiuser
facility.  Have many of you run into serious issues with the internet
(viruses? Machine crashing?)

I was also wondering how multi-user facilities export their data? (Jump
drive? Server?)

Looking forward to your answers.



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