[Cytometry] Magnetic Bead Plate Washer

Bahjat, Keith KEITH.BAHJAT at providence.org
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We were able to modify our ELX405 to wash Luminex magnetic beads using a couple of off-the-shelf products.

LifeSep 96F – this is a flat magnet that fits into the plate portion of the ELX405. http://www.dextermag.com/lifesep-96f-2501008-1.html

96-well Flexible PVC microplates – BD catalog #353912 - http://www.bdbiosciences.com/ptProduct.jsp?prodId=363772

You have to use the shorter plates or the height of the plate+magnet won't work with the ELX405.

You'll set up a new program that leaves 60 seconds after wash buffer is dispensed. Decrease the force of aspiration and don't let the probe go all the way to the bottom. This will leave the beads on the bottom while the buffer is aspirated. The force of dispensing is sufficient to dislodge them from the magnet for the next wash cycle.

Once we set everything up, it worked like a charm and cost <$500.

Good luck



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If anyone has experience with automated washers used to wash magnetic beads from Luminex Assays, I'd be interested in hearing from you.  The two I'm familiar with are the BioTek ELX405, and the Tecan HydroFlex.  If you have one of these or something else, please let me know how you like them.


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