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WEHICytometry facs_copy at wehi.EDU.AU
Tue Mar 15 20:05:40 EDT 2011

Apologies to all outside Melbourne for this provincial message.  I am  
preparing to move my flow cytometry facility into new quarters in  
coming months and in the process will be having a clean-up.  I have 4  
Argon ion lasers (Spectra Physics 164-05, Innova 90) and 3 high power  
HeNes (Melles Griot) in varying states of repair (or disrepair: only 2  
of the I90s function but their tubes are way over pressure, only one  
of the HeNes looks OK) that I want to dispose of.  I can just load  
them into the dumpster but I would hate to do that if anyone can use  
them, if only for scavenging spare parts.  There are no packing crates  
to be had hence the limit to Melbourne colleagues.

Frank Battye.

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