[Cytometry] Replacing O rings in Aria II nozzles.

d0luo001 at louisville.edu d0luo001 at louisville.edu
Tue Mar 8 12:43:31 EST 2011

We have Aria (but not Aria II ), the O ring part No#: 333084,
$12.15/each. you can order from BD. it is made in Japan. But I am not
sure if it can be used for Aria II.
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>>> SIMON MONARD <smonard at staffmail.ed.ac.uk> 3/8/2011 11:49 AM >>>
Does anyone know of a source of  the "winged" type o rings for Aria II 

nozzles? I was thinking of gluing them in with superglue? Has anyone  
tried this? Damned if I'll pay 900 pounds each for new nozzles.

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