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Hey Michelle,

Actually, the "sensitivity should be measured in terms of "Q" and "B" values to make an accurate assessment of each instrument. Jet and Air instrument are faster but the sensitivity (resolution between neg. and pos) decreases. Another consideration should include a risk assessment of infectious cell sorting, if you are planning to sort viable cells the instrument should be equipped with an aerosol evacuation system. Those of us involved in risk assessment planning currently believe all sorters should come with this safety device regardless of the sort conditions. Hence, the aerosol evacuation system should always be on when sorting is on . Other things to consider are the collection devices (i.e. will you be sorting into 96 well plates or smaller PCR tubes?) and the type and size of the cells you will be sorting. In the latter case, large cells use larger nozzles and the speed will be slow no matter what sorter you select.

Hope this helps.


On 3/1/11 5:12 AM, "Mok Michelle" <michelle_mok at bsf.a-star.edu.sg> wrote:

Dear all,

I have new situation in my lab and I was wondering if anyone had any advice / experience to share.

My lab is buying a new Cell Sorter and we have a choice to between an Aria III, a BD Influx, the Moflo XDP, the Moflo Astrios and the iCyt Synergy.

Personally I am in favor of Jet-in-Air system because I heard it can sort faster than an Aria. All the machines are within budget so the price in this particular instance is not too much a concern for us.

If you could choose 1 of the above system, which one would you choose and why?

Thank you, appreciate any answer you can share.

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