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I don't think you will find anything similar to this brought forward to
a concept / level of sophistication as far as George has taken it. The
flowcam would be another one to look at and I  was intrigued when
looking at the fountain flow concept a couple of years ago to find that
it looks like the good old ICP in the 1968 patent from Dittrich and
Göhde, as they deliver the sample flowing towards the detector only that
instead of a PMT you now look with a camera chip. I would not have
thought that replacing a PMT with a CCD chip is an inventive step and
even the idea of the advantage of detecting multiple objects in the
stream by the special resolution of a chip had been patented several
years earlier for DNA fragment analysis, but perhaps that's just me. 

Anyhow enjoy the drum if you get one



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Dear all,


One of my colleagues would like to get a flow cytometer for the analysis
of phytoplankton. They´re considering to buy a Cytosense. One of the
main advantages of this system is the possibility of analysing particles
with more than 100 μm of diameter. Attached (on the html link generated
by the system), you can find more info about this instrument. I´m afraid
I haven´t work with the Cytosense and I don´t know how good it´s
(advantages and disadvantages). I´m sure there are similar systems on
the market, so if you can provide any recommendations they´ll be very


Thanks in advance for your help. 





Dr. Alfonso Blanco Fernández 

Flow Cytometry Core Facilities 
UCD - Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research 
University College Dublin 
Belfield, Dublin 4 

T: 00353(0)1 716 6836/6947
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