[Cytometry] Sheath Fluids,

Hirschkorn, Dale dhirschkorn at bloodsystems.org
Mon Mar 15 17:13:39 EDT 2010

Greeting All,


Has anyone successfully used FACS Flow (BD Bioscience) or Streck
Cytometry Sheath on their cell sorters and obtained cells suitable for
culture?  We have an Aria I and preliminary experiments show that the
sheath fluid we tried (Streck) is toxic to sorted cells.  Immediately
post sort, the viability was >90% but after three days in culture, the
cells are not happy!  Sorted cells were sorted into media and then
washed prior to platting.  The alternatives are sterile PBS or
preservative free sheath fluid.  Any other advice/ideas are welcome.


Thank you in advance.


Dale Hirschkorn, MT(ASCP)

Blood Systems Research Institute

270 Masonic Ave

San Francisco, CA  94118

(415) 749-6672





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