[Cytometry] Blue laser problem

SENTHIL NATHAN senthilsnathanbio at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 23:54:58 EDT 2010

Dear Flowers,

Our Aria - I in the facility got a blue laser problem in it, at first I
started getting very low signal for the sphero beads, eventually I got to
increase my voltages for all the Blue laser detectors and I complaint about
this issue to BD and the service person came to fix this problem, he checked
the output watt of the Blue laser and found that the blue laser's output was
just 22mWatt instead of 100mWatt, further he pull down his colleagues one
day and tried optimising the laser with the laser enhancing software but
ended up with failure, resulted as optimisation failed and they could pull
out to 32mWatt at the maximum ( I have really no idea how this could be
possible !? ) and they submitted the log file with their laser
specialists came to a conclusion that the blue laser is bust and we have to
buy a new blue laser, I asked them how this could be possible as the machine
is just 2 years old and also sparingly used, no answer from them.

Does anyone out there have have any Idea, is this usual with Aria? have you
ever faced this situtation with the Aria / with other machines in your
facility? or heard from anybody like this? Could you please share your

If yes could you please tell me the real fact behind the laser bust?

Awaiting to hear.


Core Facility Incharge,
Center for Stem Cell Research
Christian Medical College
Bagayam, Vellore- 632002

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