[Cytometry] Sorting bacteria on a multi-use sorter

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We have sorted tons of E. coli on out MoFlo with no problems.  We simply bleach the sample line and any other component system (e.g. backflush lines) that may have contacted the bacterial sample.  We have done a sort with bacteria and 30 minutes later sorted mammalian cells with no contamination problems.


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Subject: [Cytometry] Sorting bacteria on a multi-use sorter
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> Colleagues:
> I have received a request to sort bacteria on our 
> FACSAria.  We've got protocols in place to sort yeast, and 
> those are working well.   Most of our work is sorting 
> mammalian cells for further culturing, so I am concerned about 
> introducing bacterial into the sorter.
> Are there any special tricks that those who sort bacteria use to 
> maintain sterility for sorts for mammalian cells after a 
> bacterial sort?
> Regards
> Tim
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