[Cytometry] 2010 Flow Cytometry Course, Bowdoin College

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Tue Jan 5 15:12:26 EST 2010


Win a FREE DX Kindle

at the Cytometry Bowdoin Course in June



If you have been thinking about going to the Annual Course in Cytometry at
Bowdoin College this June, you now have some extra incentive.  In an effort
to begin the process of making these courses paperless, we are going to give
away 10 DX Kindles.  


The DX Kindle's 9.7 inch display is large enough to show PDF graphics
clearly, especially when you turn it sideways.  These Kindles will come
pre-loaded with the 1000+ page course notebook and other course materials.
The wireless Kindle technology also allows you to automatically download
newspapers, magazines, books, and much more.  They are definitely the
technology of the future.   


We will randomly draw 10 names from the first 50 paid registrants prior to
the course.  If you are one of the lucky winners, you will have a Kindle
waiting for you at registration check-in on Saturday evening.  So, if you
have always wanted to come to one of these courses, this is the time to do


The annual research course provides state-of-the-art information on
important cutting-edge topics in cytometry. Nationally recognized
instructors organize hands-on laboratories and present related lectures.
The course is held on the beautiful Bowdoin College campus where you will
receive 20+ hours of lectures and 24+ hours of hands-on laboratories.  All
the instructors love to teach and their enthusiasm about this technology is
definitely infectious. You will rank your interest for all the laboratories
that we will be offering, and we'll construct a tailored schedule
specifically for you for the laboratory sessions.  


Add to all this activity a special guest lecturer, a traditional Maine
lobsterbake, and some good old Yankee entertainment, and you're close to
describing the course.  If you stay on campus in the dormitories, the entire
cost, including room, meals and tuition, is only $2200.00!  Give us a call,
or email, if you have any questions.


To obtain the latest information on the course and/or register, visit our
web site, www.vsh.com/bowdoin.


C. Bruce Bagwell, MD, Ph.D.

Course Organizer

cbb at vsh.com


Mark Munson

Course Assistant

mem at vsh.com



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