[Cytometry] Suggestion for the forum

Helen Ferry helen.ferry at imm.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 17 09:39:46 EST 2010

Dear All

As a subscriber to the excellent Purdue mailing list for a couple of
years, I have noticed that periodically there is a thread about which
flow analysis/sorter to buy and what are their relative pros and cons.
At the time the mail is sent, there are usually many excellent replies
to the question posed, however the fact that it comes up time and time
again suggests that the email archive is not an effective way to access
this information retrospectively. 

Therefore, my suggestion for the forum is this: Is there a way people
could log their comments about a specific instrument in a single place
e.g. can be configured for up to x lasers and y parameters, max
(sorting) speed, suitability for different cell sizes, etc? This would
then make it easier for people to get this information without sending
the same question again. It would also mean if you have are not able to
comment on a comparison between machines you could still proffer your
opinion on the merits of a particular instrument. People could choose to
include their email address if they are happy to be contacted directly
about any of the points they raise. 

I’m not sure if this is a do-able suggestion or if any else thinks it
would be a useful resource, but I thought I’d send it in anyway. 

Best wishes 

Helen Ferry, D.Phil
FACS Manager
Haemopoietic Stem Cell Laboratory
Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine
John Radcliffe Hospital
University of Oxford
OX3 9DS 
United Kingdom 

+44 1865 222340

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