[Cytometry] What are the 4 peaks on our cell cycle analysis

Daniel, Benjamin J danielb at uthscsa.edu
Wed Feb 17 21:20:01 EST 2010

Dear all,

I am new to cell cycle analysis. I have a tumor cell line that shows nice tight peaks at 50 and 100 that represent G0G1 and G2M respectively. I have some smaller peaks at 150 and 200.  We believe that this tumor line is aneuploidy. This is where I get lost. Would the peak at 150 be triploidy G0G1 and the peak at 200 be aneuploidy G2M?

I’ve performed the doublet discrimination as suggested by every protocol that i’ve come across. and I believe these last two peeks are singlets. Since I”m new to this, I may be wrong. Could the peak at 150 be doublets of cells from the G0G1 and G2M and the 200 peak be doublets of G2M?

I’ve seen several histograms of aneuploidy populations and this populations seems to be all over the place.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


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