[Cytometry] analysers with 561nm laser

Marty Bigos bigos at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 8 16:00:01 EST 2010

The Statedigm analyzer (www.stratedigm.com), which we have looked at  
closely, would also meet the requirements you stated below. You can  
check with them to see if they will be at ISAC (I assume so).

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>> Dear All
>> I am looking at the options for a multi-laser analyser which also  
>> has a 561nm laser as we would like to be able to see GFP and RFP.   
>> I know of the BD LSRII and Fortessa and Partec CyFlow ML.  Are  
>> there any other machines available or does any one know if any new  
>> machines will be launched at ISAC in May?
>> Thanks
>> Rachael

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