[Cytometry] analysers with 561nm laser

Steven Porcelli steven.porcelli at einstein.yu.edu
Fri Feb 5 17:34:02 EST 2010

I think I heard recently that the BD FACSCanto II now has an option 
for a 561 nm laser.  There is also the 8 color DxP8 upgrade from 
Cytek that adds a 561 laser to the FACSCalibur, although I've heard 
that there are problems with the software needed to run this 
configuration that may make it impractical.

I'd be interested in hearing about other options if there are any.  A 
lot of us really need instruments that can excite TdT and other RFPs!


At 09:38 AM 2/4/2010, Rachael Walker wrote:
>Dear All
>I am looking at the options for a multi-laser analyser which also has a
>561nm laser as we would like to be able to see GFP and RFP.  I know of
>the BD LSRII and Fortessa and Partec CyFlow ML.  Are there any other
>machines available or does any one know if any new machines will be
>launched at ISAC in May?
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