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Hi Flower,

Thanks so much for your response. Here is a list of answer I've got.


I have had this error in the past on my LSR running Diva 5.0.  It was a
precursor to
getting the master DAQ board replaced.  After getting the message on and
off for a
few weeks, the computer stopping being able to connect to the cytometer. 
I suggest
you call customer service, if you have a service contract, and get these
boards tested.  We were down for 3-4 days because of the system failure.


Timothy Sturgeon
Flow Cytometry Facility
Center for Vaccine Research
University of Pittsburgh
3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
(412) 383 5333 (Office)
(724) 454 3013 (Mobile)
(412) 624 4440 (Fax)
Hi Lin,

I had a similar problem awhile back running DiVa v4.2 and the poor service
was here for 1.5 days trying to find a hardware problem.  Finally we were
able to
trace the problem to software.  It turns out there is a maximum number of
that can be defined in the configuration file.  Go over that number and
DiVa reports
a Master DAQ error.  Delete one or two parameters, restart the system and
the DAQ
error will go away.  If you really need those parameters, then set up
configuration files to be used for your various investigators.  I believe the
maximum number of parameters is between 20 and 25 - but that was v4.1.  I
don't know
what it will be for v6.0.  Hope this helps.

guzilj at upmc.edu

I think that we usually clean up the hard drive - get rid of old .fcs
files, defrag,
and run the FACSDiva Data manager, and it helps.

 Brandon Sells
Flow Cytometry Core Manager
Trudeau Institute
I've seen this when we're running samples full of debris or there's lots of
air in the system, thus creating too many events for the main board to
process.  However, it may be an electronics problem such as a bad board.  If
it's happening regularly you're best off calling BD tech support and asking
for assistance.


Laura B Prickett-Rice
HSCI - Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Center for Regenerative Medicine at
Massachusetts General Hospital
CPZN - Room 4310
185 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-643-0790   Fax:  617-724-2662
e-mail:  lprickett at partners.org
Online scheduler available at: http://harvardstemcellinstitute.org/CRM_Flow/

I had this happen often when the virus scan decided to start up midway..
ie the computer's resources and speed were running out!!

Dear Lin Zhang,

The Golden Rule with BDs DiVa software - NO firewall, NO anti-virus software.

The next most essential thing is that you have a UPS (power modulator)
between the
instrument & its power point.  Small variations in electrical power can
destroy DAQ

As for the rest, only use the minimum number of histograms & gates.  Keep
your data
base as small as possible, and use <1/3 of the drive the database is
housed on.

Your Browser window should be <1/3 full at any time.  Try to limit the
number of
tubes/experiment to <200.

DiVa is not a particularly robust software & suffers because it stores data
internally (ie you have to export data, rather than directly saving it
outside of

Hope this helps.



Robert Wadley

Cytometry Manager

Cytometry & Imaging Suite

Mater Medical Research Institute

Brisbane, Australia
Hi Lin,
I have had this DAQ error happen also but on a BD FACSCantoII.
We get this when acquiring a sample with a lot of debris, to which the
threshold has not been applied.
I believe the file gets to large, acquisition stops and this error is

I haven't had this happen lately though on Version 6.1.3.
I also keep our browser, database and harddrive religiously clean by
backing up and
removal of all old data and CST/setup reports from the system.

Charmaine Savona

Senior Hospital Scientist
Flow Cytometry
SEALS Haematology
Level 4 Campus Centre
Prince of Wales Hospital
Randwick NSW 2031

Ph:  +61 - 2 - 9382 9007
Fax: +61 - 2 - 9382 9116
E-mail: charmaine.savona at sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au

Hi Lin Zhang,

Check your sample flow rate, usually when I get a DAQ (Data Acquisition)
error it's because I have exceeded the max sample flow rate. Try slowing
your sample flow rate to medium or low or diluting your sample.


 You have probably heard from others, that this is a common issue which
 periodically happens to BD instrumentation.

doing exactly that,  a reboot and re-connect should resolve your issue.
If it is persistantly arising,  you should contact your service group (if
applicable) and seek new parts.
"Barsky, Lora" <lbarsky at usc.edu

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