[Cytometry] regression curve in LDA experiment

chen li chen_li3 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 1 13:26:16 EST 2010

Hi Flowers,

This is not a Flow question but I would like to have your opinions on this question:

I do some experiments to calculate the cell frequency  in limiting dilution assay/analysis. I set up different cell no/concentration and later count the negative  well. Then I plot a graph in Excel: x-axis is cell no/concentration and y-axis is the % of negative well. Then I try to find the cell no when y is 37% based on the regression curve. I find that regression curve of exponential and logarithmic give very similar results, although the regression equation are different. According to previous paper, the expected regression equation is of form y=A.Exp(Bx), here A and B are constanst. 1) Although I know that I should follow the regression of exponential, I wonder how to explain that different regression mode give the very similar results. 2) How do you show Y-semi-log/x-linear graph after you get the regression curve, just chang y from linear to log scale using Excel built-in function?

Thank you very much in advance,



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