[Cytometry] Aria II

"Marcos E. García-Ojeda" mgarcia-ojeda at ucmerced.edu
Mon Feb 1 11:45:50 EST 2010

Hello everybody.

We recently upgraded our old ARIA I to an ARIA II.  However, I have a 
couple of questions that I would like to pass by you. I will appreciate 
any information that you can provide me.

1) O-ring:  The new nozzle comes with a fixed o-ring on it.  If the 
o-ring gets damaged, the manual says that the seal can be temporarily 
changed. This implies that you have to buy new nozzles when the original 
ones get damaged?

2) Nozzle sterilization: The aseptic set up doesn't mention how to 
sterilize the nozzle for  aseptic sorts, just how to clean it to remove 
particles by sonication.  What can be done to sterilize the nozzle and 
not damage the fixed o-ring seal?

3) Pressure probe:  While the sheath tank can be autoclaved, the 
pressure probe cannot.  The manual says to put it in ethanol to 
sterilize it.  BD tech services recommended 10% bleach.  What do you 
recommend to clean the pressure probe before sterile sorts?

4) Water tank:  The ARIA II manual advices to add 3ml of bleach/L water 
during sterile sorts.  I was advised just to autoclave the water and 
recevoir.  I would like to hear what other users do with their water 
reservoir to avoid contamination.

5) Sheath filter.  The instruction for sterilizing the instrument 
indicate to put a new sheath filter every time you prepare for aseptic 
technique.  Are you changing the filter everytime?  Do you have a filter 
designated exclusively for sterile sorts?

Any kind of advice will be very helpful.  Thanks for your help!


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