[Cytometry] Sad News - Loss of one of our own - Phil Marder

J. Paul Robinson jpr at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu
Mon Feb 1 10:08:30 EST 2010

I just received this message from Lisa Green and I wanted to pass it on 
to the list.
Dear friends,

Phil passed away on Sat. Jan. 30 at home where he spent his last days in 
the loving care of his wife and 3 children.  Those of us who visited him 
during the past month were inspired by Phil's courage.  We were 
comforted to see the devotion of wife Patty, daughter Sarah and her 
husband Thomas, and sons David and Nathan in caring for Phil during his 
time of greatest need.  Phil will be sadly missed by so many.  Services 
will be in Indianapolis on Tuesday Feb. 2, details pending.

Phil Marder was involved in flow cytometry for many years and played a 
major part in high throughput assays for drug discovery among many other 
areas. Phil was a very active ISAC member having participated in 
meetings from as far back as I can remember. It is a great loss to the 
cytometry community and we are all very sad by this news. We send out 
deep condolences to his family.

I have been writing the introduction to a book that Phil Marder and 
Virginia Litwin have just completed entitled "Flow Cytometry in Drug 
Discovery and Development." This book will be a significant reflection 
of the major contribution to the field of flow cytometry that Phil 
Marder has made.

Our community is very much the poorer for the loss of our dear friend 
and colleague. I am personally deeply grieved by this loss but know that 
Phils' contribution to the field will be appropriately memorialized with 
his new book, published sadly after his passing.

With respect

J. Paul Robinson

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