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I completely agree... I have tried to help other users with their data, using Diva, with FCS files from other instruments and have been gravely disappointed in the lack of "standardization" between FCS files from different vendors.   This ended up being very disappointing for the investigator(s).  I have a couple of files I'll send. 

David Haviland

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> Also, the community needs to push for standards compliance.  Many (most) cores use instrumentation from multiple vendors, and projects frequently need to integrate data across multiple platforms.  The fact that vendors each have their own "flavor" of FCS file is an unnecessary headache.

To address this shortcoming ISAC's Data Standards Task Force is collecting examples of FCS files from the community, along with documentation users may have about compliance. If anyone has examples of FCS files that they have difficulty getting to work with software packages due to non-compliance, please get in touch.

All the major hardware and software vendors have worked together to help ensure problems of alternative implementations seen with previous versions of FCS won't occur with FCS3.1.

Ryan Brinkman
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