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Congratulations on a creating a very useful resource for the community.

Although a newbie to cytometry, let me go out on a limb and suggest an addition prediction which is rapid growth and innovation in cytometry informatics.  Thanks to the creativity of dye chemists, decreasing cost of lasers and electronics, and innovations like mass cytometry, we are seeing more and higher dimensionality data sets, and investigators are increasingly using cytometry across longitudinal series of experiments and samples.  In a real sense, every event that pass through the cytometer is an experiment.  You want to be able to compare data across a full experimental series and you don't want to be limited to 2-D slices when analyzing high dimensionality data.  To address these needs, more sophisticated informatics will be required.  Initiatives like cytobank.org are already starting to address this need, but there are still many opportunities to develop creative new ways to manage, share and analyze cytometry data, and the more complex and voluminous the data sets become, the greater the need for improved analytical strategies.

Also, the community needs to push for standards compliance.  Many (most) cores use instrumentation from multiple vendors, and projects frequently need to integrate data across multiple platforms.  The fact that vendors each have their own "flavor" of FCS file is an unnecessary headache.  Instrument vendors need to move past the notion that they can sell a vertically integrated instrumentation/software package and realize that multi-vendor integrated facilities are the future.  They will enhance their market share by complying with standards.


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Dear Colleagues on the Cytomety List

It was just over 20 years ago that  our Purdue group (PUCL) started this 
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