[Cytometry] Antifoam A

Hazel Davey hlr at aber.ac.uk
Fri Dec 10 09:37:35 EST 2010

I've never used this for flow cytometry but we used to use it for 
fermentation work. I think we used to use it at 0.1-0.3% working volume 
but that was in a very foamy yeast fermentation that would otherwise 
have emptied itself out of the outflow pipe.

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On 09/12/2010 18:38, Barry Moran wrote:
> Hi all
> We have a new FACS Canto II and I find that the waste tank tends to foam up a lot with it bubbling out around the filter. So I was recommended by BD to use Antifoam. I bought it in from Sigma (Antifoam A Concentrate- A5633) but I don't know an optimal concentration to use it.
> The only literature I could find on it was Product Information saying it was effective at 1-100 ppm. So I thought the ideal thing would be to have it in a squidgy bottle (at 1% in water) that I could squirt in when I'm emptying the waste and adding bleach. But it doesn't inhibit foam sufficiently.
> Just wondering if other's use this, and if so at what concentration, and method (Squidgy bottle, directly into waste container, etc??)..
> Cheers!
> Barry.
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