[Cytometry] Ab storage as a mix?

vstepps vstepps at comcast.net
Thu Dec 9 20:11:49 EST 2010

Dear Flow jocks -ettes, 

Does any one have any comments regarding storage of Abs (all commercially available, same species engendered, directly conjugated) in a 'pre-mixed' solution? 

In an attempt to minimize variations in stain concentration from sample to sample and day to day, for a given experiment, I will make a 'master mix' of my panel antibodies combined at correct relative ratios to each other, but undiluted. I then store this (4°C/dk) and remove aliquots/dilute for staining at the appropriate time points. 

I have been noticing an apparent trend towards reduced expression across multiple parameters in some of our panels, and whil e I cannot eliminate the biological variation of samples, I am becoming concerned that I've introduced some element that is affecting my total fl. detection. Does this seem like a reasonable avenue to examine? If not, does anyone have any suggestions visa vie where else I should look? 

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