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Barry Moran MORANBA at tcd.ie
Thu Dec 9 13:38:14 EST 2010

Hi all

We have a new FACS Canto II and I find that the waste tank tends to foam up a lot with it bubbling out around the filter. So I was recommended by BD to use Antifoam. I bought it in from Sigma (Antifoam A Concentrate- A5633) but I don't know an optimal concentration to use it.

The only literature I could find on it was Product Information saying it was effective at 1-100 ppm. So I thought the ideal thing would be to have it in a squidgy bottle (at 1% in water) that I could squirt in when I'm emptying the waste and adding bleach. But it doesn't inhibit foam sufficiently.

Just wondering if other's use this, and if so at what concentration, and method (Squidgy bottle, directly into waste container, etc??)..



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