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Kruger Gray, Huw HKGray at med.miami.edu
Tue Aug 17 12:25:48 EDT 2010

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     Does anyone have experience with the purchase of so-called "umbrella" service contracts, from BD. especially? I have been trying to negotiate such a service contract, to cover the entire U.M. campus, with around 10+ instruments, both sorters and analysers. After a meeting, involving all those concerned down here, plus senior representatives from BD, we finally (!) received a spread-sheet, showing the respective discounts in relation to the numbers of instruments being covered, plus the number of years' contract being purchased in advance. The maximum savings potentially available amounted to around just 15%, which does seem rather meagre to me. So, before I go back to BD. and seek a better offer, I was wondering what other peoples' similar experiences might be? Also, what are peoples' experiences with their competitors, such as Cytek? Your input will be appreciated greatly and I shall be sure to publish a summary of my findings here on this esteemed list...

I thank you in advance,

Dr. Zip.

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Huw S. ("Zip") Kruger Gray, Ph.D.

Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility,
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Centre,
Miller School of Medicine,
University of Miami.
1600 NW 10th Ave., RMSB 3061
Miami, FL 33136.
305-243-5019 (Office),
305-243-5571 (Lab),
305-213-3325 (Mobile).

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