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Check this out - http://www.spherotech.com/DropDelay.htm


At 05:07 PM 11/19/2009, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Thanks for the numerous replies, none of which have answered the 
>question BTW. Despite the popularly held misconception which even 
>appears in print (thanks Mark) for example
>Accudrop beads are not doped with APC, but a fluorochrome which 
>emits much further out in the red around 750 and beyond (check the 
>TDS). Fairly obviously, BD would view this as company confidential 
>information, and righty so.
>However, for a project I have running I need to find a spectral 
>matched fluorochrome to the Accudrops. If one scans the literature 
>there are few fluorochromes which have a sufficiently large Stokes 
>shift and are as broad their emission profile as whatever is loaded 
>in the Accudrops, thus I remain in ignorance on this one....
>Thanks again,
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>Hi All,
>Would someone happen to be able to tell me what fluorochrome BD's
>Accudrop beads are labeled with? Strangely enough I can't seem to find
>it on the bottle....
>Thanks in advance,
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