[Cytometry] ISAC isotype control workgroup ?

Carl Simard carl_jf_simard at hotmail.com
Fri May 15 12:30:32 EDT 2009

Hi everybody.


       I've send the original message og this thread about two weeks and some people asked me to follow up with the answers I had. So, here's the follow up. It's quite simple, nobody on the Purdue list seems to know what happenned to this workgroup/committe, if it still active or if it has come to some conclusions. I've also emailed ISAC about this but got no answer.


So, I suppose we're probably better to forget about it...



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> Hi Everybody,
> I was having, with a colleague, the classic discussion about isotype control
> (don't worry, I don't want to bring up this discussion again on the list!)
> and was remembering that ISAC has, or had, some kind of workgroup or comitee
> working on this. I've look at the ISAC website but didn't find much
> information on this workgroup. Is it still active ? Has it come to some sort
> of conclusion or guidelines regarding the use of isotype control ? Are these
> guidelines or conclusions been published somewhere ? Has it just give up
> being unable to find guidelines to would satisfy everyone ?
> Thanks for any information on this!
> Carl
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