[Cytometry] congenic CD45.1/.2 blocking

Andy Hoffman andrew.hoffman at tufts.edu
Fri May 8 16:22:11 EDT 2009

We're doing a congenic mouse study transplanting directly sorted lung 
cells from CD45.2 mice into lungs of CD45.1 mice.   We have noted that 
the anti-CD45.1 antibody reacts with CD45.2 cells and vice versa 
although the intensity is 1 log lower when mismatched.    I apologize - 
I realize this has come up before on the listserve, but I was wondering 
if someone could suggest an optimal blocking procedure for such an 
experiment, or perhaps comment whether we should 'expect' a certain 
level of cross-reactivity even in the best circumstances.  For blocking 
the FcR we use anti-CD16/32 (eBio or BD) or mouse polyclonal serum (10 
min at 4oC) immediately before introducing the directly conjugated 
anti-CD45 (.1 or .2 or both) antibody.   Our staining buffer is media 
(DMEM:F12 + 10% FBS).  Also is there a problem with mixing the two 
antibodies (antiCD45.1 and anti-CD45.2)  in the same sample of cells, 
since this would be imperative to understand our findings in the 
transplanted recipients.


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