[Cytometry] Ethanol fixation and surface staining

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Hi Simona

I've used the BD lysing solution after surface staining to  
permeabilize cells prior to Ki67 staining with some success. Give it  
15-30 mins or so and wash a couple of times before the Ki67 ab. I  
always found ethanol spoils surface staining.


Quoting "McClellan, Steve" <smcclell at ufl.edu>:

> Hi Simona,
> I recently validated a protocol using Ki-67 combined with surface   
> markers to monitor engraftment/subset proliferation after BM   
> transplant in a mouse model.  BD has tested many cell surface   
> antibodies for compatibility with ethanol for their phospho-specific  
>  antibodies.  You can find the list at   
> http://www.bdbiosciences.com/features/products/display_product.php?keyID=94#add . I only used antibodies that were on the list. If you use others it will be trial and error on your part to find ones that work.  Many epitopes are not stable with ethanol, sometimes there are even clone differences between antibodies for a given marker.  I did not have much success using paraformaldehyde/saponin to get reproducible Ki-67 staining, best to stick to   
> ethanol.
> Good luck,
> Steve
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> HI everyone
> I have done an intracellular staining for Ki67 using the BD protocol after
> staining extracellularly for several markers (CD138, IgD, B220, CD79b)
> Fixation/perm protocol is as follow:
> 70% Ethanol fixation for at least 2h at -20°C, 2 washes then staining with
> Ki67 20 min RT in PBS+BSA then 2 washes.
> I have run the cells the day after as it was quite late and stored them at
> 4°C overnight.
> Intracellular was great but I had lost some of the extracellular markers
> (mainly CD138).
> Do you have any suggestions? Did it happen to you? Could I use the usual
> PFA+Saponin fix/perm for anti-Ki67?
> Thank you for your help.
> Simona ZOMPI
> School of Public Health
> UC Berkeley
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